Guangzhou, China

In 2016 Savaterra Oy completed remediation of old steel factory subsoils by using thermal desorption method. The equipment was transferred by sea freight to China in spring 2016. The area was located in the center of Guangzhou city. In accordance with the project progress the area was converted to housing area with brand new block of flats. New buildings and residents were in the distance of around 400m from the remediation plant in operation. Since the former steel factory land area became into residential use, cleaning treatment levels were very strict. Pollutants were mainly PAHs (EPA 16). Initial concentration was in average PAH EPA 57-2027mg/kg. Achieved final concentrations after remediation process were PAH compounds 0.63-5mg/kg (compound-specific values). Soil material was very fine (silt).

The work was carried out Savaterra as subcontractor with a local company specializing in earth and environmental construction.