Purification and remediation
of polluted soil

The purification capacity of the equipment is 40 – 80 t/hr, according to the type of soil and content of detrimental elements. For instance, treatment of 20,000 tons will take around two months. The impacts on the functioning of the area and the environment are minimal and one-time-only.

By adjusting the functions and burning temperatures of the process, almost all detrimental elements may be treated.

Polluting chemicals suitable for thermal treatment are: mineral oils, solvents, VOCs, chlorophenoles, PAH compounds, control substances, dioxins, PCBs and tetroles. Inflammable detrimental elements will be bound with the soil following burning using stabilisation.

The machinery does not pollute the surroundings or discharge harmful chemicals freed by purification into the environment, as these are eliminated by burning. Contaminated soils are cleaned for future use, for instance landscaping work.

The high handling temperature +850 – 1100 ºC eliminates hazardous chemicals for good. No post-purification monitoring of harmful chemicals is required, and there is no risk of the problems reappearing in the future. This treatment frees the owner of the region from any possible liabilities in the future. Environmental problems are not merely relocated, and will not be burdens for future generations.